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Malay Language

Department Goal

Engaged Learners. Effective Communicators.


Head of Department

Mdm Koo Hue Ling

Subject Head

Ms Palaniammal Murugiah

Programmes and Activities



Mother Tongue Fortnight Activities / Inquiry Based Projects (IBL) 

Theme: Hawker Culture

2 weeks of language / cultural activities to inculcate the love and interest in the learning Malay Language through food related activities.


P3 Language/Cultural Camp

A half day camp to inculcate interest in the learning of Malay Language through language and cultural activities.


C) Malay Language Competitions (Internal)

P1 to P2 Show & Tell Competition

P1 to P4 Spelling and Dictation Competition

P4 Reading Choral  Competition

P1 to P6 Grammar / Vocabulary  Quiz

P5 to P6 Creative Writing Competition


Objective: To build pupils confidence in the use of Malay Language.



D) Assembly - Hari Raya Puasa Show

Objective: To inform / educate pupils about Hari Raya Puasa Festival and Malay culture.


E) Enrichment/Other Programmes

P1 and P2 Speech & Drama - To develop pupils' abilities and confidence in oral communications through the use of speech and drama.

P3 and P4 Writing Programme - A creative approach to teach students Malay writing skills to develop them into competent and skilful writers.




A) Reading / Oral  Programmes

1) Reading & Picture Conversation Programme on Mondays and Tuesdays (P2 - P3)

Objective: To identify pupils who are not meeting the expected reading standard and pupils from non-Malay speaking background and render assistance via teacher assistance.


2) Pre-Assembly Oral Programme (P5-P6)

Objective: To develop students’ reading and oratorical skills.


3) Silent Reading on Tuesdays and Thursdays (P1 - P6)

Objective: To encourage reading of Malay books / articles so as to improve pupils' language competency.


4) Read with Family

Structured home reading programme which encourages parents to read with their sons / wards


B) E-Learning

1) MC Online

Objective: To use ICT as a platform to enhance the learning of Malay.


Learning Journey

Watching Malay performances/ theatres in conjunction with MT Fortnight week

To inspire and motivate interest towards the Malay Language and  to instil the love for Malay culture.


Learning Journey to Malay Heritage Centre using ICT [IPod/iPad  provided by vendor/school]

To expose and engage P4  Malay students to Malay Culture through ICT for Self Directed Learning.                                                                 





Briefing for P1 parents – New Syllabus: Cekap

To create awareness among parents of the new components in the  new P1 Malay syllabus


Parent Workshop



2014 PSLE : 100 % passes in Standard Malay and Foundation Malay

Standard Malay - A* & A : 77.8 %