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School Virtues

School Virtues

What it means to the Gabrielite student


I listen attentively to my teachers.

I carry out my daily routines independently.


I participate actively during group work.

I show empathy to others and myself.


I achieve the reading targets.

I motivate myself to achieve my goals.


I honour God's will when I put in my best effort in whatever I do.

I honour God when I do the right things which my parents, teachers and God will be proud of.


I care and look out for the younger Gabrielites.

I bring pride to my school through my words and actions.


I am punctual in handing in work and things that my teachers need.

I am able to manage my time wisely.


I respect the boundaries of others.

I am able to deal with conflicts appropriately.


I file my worksheets neatly for future revision.

I reflect on my learning progression to improve myself.